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About Curse

Curse is a global multimedia and technology company focused on creating content and products specifically for gamers. We provide information and tools to help gamers better enjoy all aspects of their gaming lifestyle.

Our media content is distributed through a variety of channels including websites, video and desktop applications. Our content distribution platforms are powered by proprietary technology, and designed with gamers in mind. Our technology fosters the formation of communities, and helps like-minded gamers around the world connect, interact and share information with one another.


Our mission is to empower gamers with premium resources and content which will result in an enriched, authentic, and more enjoyable experience. Worldwide, gamers can depend on Curse for the tools and expertise they need to take their gaming to the next level.


Curse.com was started by Hubert Thieblot as a way to organize the numerous add-ons that were available for his favorite game, World of Warcraft. Hubert originally designed the website just for his friends, but quickly learned that the website he started as a hobby was something the entire gaming community could benefit from. In 2006, as demand for the site began to grow and the site’s traffic skyrocketed, Hubert realized he had a viable online business, and Curse, Inc. was born.

As the newly formed company continued to grow, Hubert made the decision to relocate to San Francisco, where by 2009 he had secured 11 million dollars of financing and began to transform the company from a small, singularly focused start-up into a diverse, gaming information giant.

Today, Curse, Inc. reaches over 50 million people every month through its portfolio of web properties, video channels, social media channels, and its desktop application – the Curse Client.

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Hubert Thieblot

Founder and CEO

Hubert Thieblot

- Founder and CEO

Hubert Thieblot is a highly successful French entrepreneur and founder of Curse, Inc. where, as CEO, he is responsible for the company’s vision, overall direction, and product strategy.

As the former guild master of one of the largest gaming clans in Europe, Hubert is highly respected in the MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) community. He brings both a real passion and a strong expertise in online games to Curse. His fearless and adventurous personality made it possible for Curse to raise $11 million in two rounds of financing. Furthermore the company has also achieved multiple industry recognitions including becoming a Microsoft Bizspark One company in 2010 and an Inc. 500 company in 2011.

Thieblot regularly participates in prestigious and selective industry related events as a guest speaker, including most recently the 2011 Montgomery Technology Conference and the Login 2011 Conference. Hubert is also the sponsor and host of a series of worldwide roundtable sessions, where industry leaders and top executives in the gaming world discuss their challenges and achievements, as well as the future of the industry.

As Founder & CEO of Curse, Inc., Hubert’s leadership and strong fascination for games have been and continues to be a key element to the success of the company.

Michael Comperda

CTO & President of Voice

Michael Comperda

- CTO & President of Voice

Michael joined Curse in 2007, and was appointed to his current position in 2008. He is a systems architect and product designer with over fifteen years of IT management experience, and an established track record of designing, developing and deploying large-scale web and client applications.

As Chief Technology Officer at Curse, Michael is responsible for the vision and implementation of the company’s technical endeavors. He oversees platform R&D, product development and data center initiatives. Since joining Curse he has designed technology and infrastructure to support 30 billion monthly requests, and over 25 million unique visitors.

Prior to joining Curse, Michael was involved in the growth of two successful startup companies, Netran / Tagnetics and Solid Earth. At Netran / Tagnetics, he worked closely with the company's founder to create one of the industry's first online grocery shopping platforms. At Solid Earth he designed an enterprise level real estate information system (in use today by over 50,000 realtors in 14 states) and helped earn the company a spot in the Inc 500 list in 2004 and 2005.

Michael has a Bachelor’s of Science in Management and Computer Information Systems from the University of Alabama

Donovan Duncan

President of Curse Media

Donovan Duncan

- President of Curse Media

Donovan Duncan is Vice-President of Programming at Curse where he currently focuses in product development, new business and acquisitions. He oversees content, product, customer service, design, corporate marketing, communications, E-sports and video efforts for the company.

In 2008, Donovan joined Curse as a Content Consultant eventually being brought on full-time as Content Manager; he later became Director of Content in 2010 and was appointed to his current position in 2011.

Donovan started his career in gaming at age 14 when he created and managed one of the biggest Ultima Online sites which later became one of the most important online trading platforms for the game.

Since joining Curse, Donovan has been responsible for many successful initiatives such as the company’s professional gaming team, Team Curse, and Curse’s YouTube Partnership Program which in less than one year reached 25 million monetizable views a month, rivaling top competitors in the industry such as MACHINIMA. Donovan has also played a key role in the development of partnerships with some of the largest game publishers in the world and integrating Curse content directly with their products.

Donovan brings more than 15 years of experience in the gaming industry along with a huge passion for MMOs. Today his time and heart are taken by MOBAs, MMOs and the hottest new games on the market including mobile and social guilty pleasures such as SimCity.

Donovan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Montana.