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32 million gamers live in the Curse Community. Let us help you reach them.

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We provide tailored solutions so you can reach the gamers who matter most.

The Curse audience is primarily male 18-34 with a strong passion for gaming. They consider themselves influencers and brand ambassadors - when they see something good, they want all their friends to know about it.

    Curse Global Monthly Reach

  • Total Visits213MM
  • Uniques32MM
  • Video Uniques34.5MM
  • Page Views1BN
  • Source: comScore 2015

Geographical Uniques

  • North America
    17MM Uniques
    9MM Video
    1.9MM Daily
  • United Kingdom
    3.2MM Uniques
    2MM Video
    360K Daily
  • Germany
    2.2MM Uniques
    1.5MM Video
    479K Daily
  • Australia
    1.6MM Uniques
    827K Video
    187K Daily


We empower advertisers to reach our audience with custom ad solutions that help you meet your objectives; from branding to content marketing to performance solutions. We are your one stop shop for reaching a dedicated gaming audience.

Invested in Their Hobby

  • 44%Own or plan to buy a PS4
  • 66%Tell their friends about games
  • 30%Own or plan to buy an Xbox One
  • 10+ hrs/wkPlay console and PC games
  • Average Age30 Years Old
  • 18-34 Year Olds61%
  • Average HHI$98,000


Influencer Program

You have a super cool product but no one knows about it? Try our influencer program—an awareness driving vehicle that gets your brand evangelized by a trusted source. The Curse Influencer network boasts over 5000 game influencers who have at least 1,000 subscribers across YouTube. Our influencer program gets you connected with the best audience and voice for your brand.

”As a gamer as well as an industry person, I love the influencer ad because it enables the users to make an informed decision about a game!”

- Christian Baur, Product Director Hex: Shards of Fate, Gameforge 4D


Curse boasts the largest gaming network on YouTube with over 9.2MM monthly US uniques. Reach our audience via various preroll and banner options.



If efficiency and reach is your goal, target our audience through special packages and programs with our performance option.

High Impact Display/Reserve

Need to make a splash during a specific time period? We offer exclusive high impact placements on heavily trafficked pages to get your brand the optimal attention it deserves.

    Programmatic Audience by Vertical

  • Games1.1 Billion
  • Arts and EntertainmentOne Billion
  • Online Community438 Million
  • Sports436 Million
  • Reference93 Million
  • Weekly Impressions

Content/Native Marketing

Custom Content and Sponsorship

Leverage our staff of gaming experts to develop content about your product our audience will enjoy. Content includes videos, beta giveaways, features, social graphs, social media, and sweepstakes.

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