Our Audience

30 million gamers live here. Let us help you reach them.

Curse Global Reach
Uniques 28,075,000
Video Uniques 21,200,000
Page Views 1,005,000,000
Total Visits 197,597,000
Source: comScore 2014

Curse Community is a place for gamers to figure out how to make their gameplay better and spend time learning from each other. Curse is a trusted resource for gamers. This is why on any given day, Curse is the #1 gaming destination with over 5 million in global daily uniques.

“Maintaining and supporting a community has some real benefits. Not only does it keep gamers engaged, but these fans are going out there and promoting the game across the web, luring in new players.”

Greg Lockley

“Community Service” - MCV, May 2014

Geographical Uniques

  • North America
    14,393,000 Monthly
    1,688,000 Daily
  • United Kingdom
    1,839,000 Monthly
    338,000 Daily
  • Germany
    1,838,000 Monthly
    369,000 Daily
  • Australia
    854,000 Monthly
    166,000 Daily

We provide tailored solutions so you can reach the gamers who matter most.

Curse's audience is primarily male 18-34 with a strong passion for gaming. They consider themselves influencers and brand ambassadors - when they see something good, they want all their friends to know about it.


  • • Male Comp: 73%
  • • 64% between 15-34
  • • Average Age: 29.4
  • • Average HHI: $88,946


  • • 43% own or plan to buy PS4
  • • 30% own or plan to buy a Xbox One
  • • 66% tell their friends about games
  • • Play console and PC games 10+ hrs/wk

We empower advertisers to reach our audience with custom ad solutions that help you meet your objectives; from branding to content marketing to performance solutions. We are your one stop shop for reaching a unique and dedicated gaming audience.

What we offer:

  • Robust ad solutions in premium environments
  • Dynamic video solutions: pre-roll and custom (Curse is the #2 Youtube gaming network)
  • Native advertising opportunities on key sites such as N4G.com and Curse.com
  • Custom turnkey programs such as giveaways, videos, sponsorships, and more.

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